Technical Foams

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There is no limit to our customers’ creativity!  PTI is ready to serve your unique needs with application-specific engineered foam including special formulations of resins and additives, extrusion techniques, sizes and configurations. Whether you need to make the material more suitable for a particular application or to meet specific standards or specifications, our unique resins, additive packages, and techniques allow PTI to custom-engineer the foam to your unique specification.  Contact our team to discuss your project and get a quote.


Where Ideas meet Technology

Our innovative development team is focused on finding the best ways to meet your needs with a host of tools at our disposal.

Custom Coatings

Our foams have Custom Coatings

UV Inhibitors

Our foams have UV Inhibitors

Custom ID’s

Our foams have Custom ID’s

Custom Shapes

Our foams have Custom Shapes

Increased Elongation and Tensile Strength

Our foams have Increased Elongation and Tensile Strength

Flame Retardants

Our foams have Flame Retardants

Higher Temperature

Our foams have Higher Temperature

Completely Recyclable

LDPE foam is 100% recyclable as number 4.

High Quality

Our foams have stood the test of time and set the benchmark in quality for decades. All of our foams products are built to the highest standards and quality.

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Need a Custom Product Made?