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Your product needs to arrive in the same condition in which you shipped it – your reputation depends on it!  Let us help you reduce the costs associated with damage with PTI’s InnoFoam packaging profiles.  Suitable for a variety of packaging and industrial applications, our profiles provide protection against scratches, dents, vibration, shock and breakage.  From furnishings, bath fixtures, windows, and automotive profiles to custom-engineered rounds, corners, and tubes, our products are superior to corrugated and molded styrene alternatives.  With over 3 decades of experience in packaging, PTI offers the assurance you need that your products stay supported during shipping and storage.


Best Value for Protection

Our engineered foam profiles offer many advantages over other protective packaging alternatives, with performance characteristics exceeding those of most other packaging materials.  Our extruded profiles have superior performance compared with cardboard and are generally priced lower than fabricated polyethylene.


PTI offers a range of flexible packaging profiles that are suited to protect your products.


Our packaging profiles are lightweight to give you the protection you need without the added shipping weight.


Our packaging profiles are non-marring which protects and prevents scratching on most surfaces.


PTI offers sacrificial but recovering PE profiles that can take impact after impact and maintain a safe cushioned ride for your product.

Completely Recyclable

LDPE foam is 100% recyclable as number 4.

Able to Sustain Multiple Impacts

Our packaging profiles provide multi-impact protection and resilience for continuous protection.

High Quality

Our foams have stood the test of time and set the benchmark in quality for decades. All of our foams products are built to the highest standards and quality.

Our Packaging Profiles Are Available In A Variety Of Shapes, Including The Following:

  • Solid Rounds

  • L Shapes

  • U Channels

  • Corner Protection

  • Tubes

Custom Packaging

We can also produce a custom-designed profile for your specific application where truckload shipments are anticipated.

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Need a Custom Product Made?