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PTI is an ISO Certified innovative foam manufacturer and designer of custom engineered foam extrusions for packaging, pipe insulation for HVAC and plumbing, mattresses, furniture, recreational, toys, and fitness products.  We employ leading edge technology to create unique foam shapes and formulations and pride ourselves on adapting to your business needs all while having the fastest “concept to product” turnaround times in the industry.

Innovative Extruded Foam Solutions

PTI creates custom-engineered closed cell profiles in Polyethylene, Polypropylene and other engineered foams using proprietary formulations that result in exceptional performance. These foams feature excellent physical properties for thermal insulation, shock absorption, and sound dampening.  Our foam is soft, smooth, lightweight and flexible, yet tough enough to resist scuffing and multiple impacts.

Consumer Products

PTI stands ready to support your existing product needs or work with you on product development in a variety of consumer applications and markets. From pool noodles to fitness rollers and innovative custom-designed profiles, all of our products are proudly made in the USA.


For over 3 decades, PTI has produced cushioning protective foam packaging profiles.  From window and frame profiles to custom-engineered rounds, corners and tubes, our profiles provide protection from scratches, dents, vibration, shock, and breakage, and are superior to cardboard alternatives.  PTI offers the assurance you need that your products stay supported during shipping and storage.

Pipe Insulation

PTI provides proprietary engineered foam pipe insulation solutions for residential, commercial and retail plumbing and HVAC applications with their InnoFoam, InnoShield and InnoTough lines.  These solutions provide far superior protection versus traditional rubber insulation.

Specialty and Technical Foams

There is no limit to our customers’ creativity!  PTI is ready to serve your unique needs with application-specific foam formulations including special formulations of resins, additives, and extrusion techniques.

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